Sales & Marketing

Air Force is helping Airlines successfully position themselves on the market and actively seek out the most profitable solutions:

  • Strategic planning – The important starting element in running any business or marketing campaign is planning. Our talented sales team will develop individual plan according to your specific needs, test it and then implement it.
  • Competitive price analysis - Having the right information is crucial to any successful plan, product introduction or repositioning of a company. We can prepare comprehensive analysis that will provide insight needed to succeed. 
  • Sales Force – We created a talented sales team of professionals selected for their ability to concentrate on our core values – responsibility, client focus, passion, partnership and client profitability.
  • Contacts and more Contacts! –Our extensive and constantly growing network of partners and personal contacts allows us to quickly set up our Airlines cargo products on the market. This in turn, ensures that each of our Airlines receives an exposure and market presence that delivers the highest profits.